What a Bad Night!!

My husband sent me a text message last night. He said he wanted to show me something. It was very unusual because he doesn’t do such thing with me not unless you provoke him. So I said OK.

Then he chatted with the children and after an hour later, he told the children that he wanted to chat with me. So, we did. He doesn’t talk that much really. We don’t have any formal or serious talk. Then later he showed me a customer complain form stating that the money he withdrawn was not successful. He lost his money and was not able to get it until today. Then I said to him, so you need money? He didn’t answer, so I sent him money.

Our chat ended in a fight. I was so irritated by him. I told him that I only get his attention when he needed something. I asked him why not talk to me even if you don’t need anything. Then he accused me of being jealous and suspicious. He told me that I was being insane and that if I don’t change he will leave me and work abroad.

While chatting, I was really crying. I only asked for some text or email to say that he loves me without anything in exchange but he accused of having a bad attitude. So I said OK, if you want to have it your way always. I will stop now. I will no longer text you or ask any simple words of “I love you” and I will just respond if he needs money or any assistance. I started calling him boss and that he was perfect. He also listed all the mistakes I did and told me I have a bad way of taking things. So then later, I told him I wouldn’t go back to him. I thought it would be useless if he couldn’t give in to my simple demands for digital affection (text or email). Then he left the messenger.

My evening was very painful and I was not able to sleep. It’s really hard to fight with person you love and just treat you with no regard at all. It just so depressing.

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