What Makes a Good Online Directory?

Nowadays, there are far too many web-based directories that proliferate on the Internet. Here are some common examples of such: business directory, medical directory, commercial directory and Health Directory. Now why were these directories created? They were created to serve as some form of information depot where people can find just about any sort of information they need in one place. These directories could either list related article topics or names and addresses of people who are connected t a certain field or industry. Continuous advancements have even made it possible for a virtual map of an exact geographical location to be accessible through the computer.

But you may ask, โ€œWhat makes a good directory?โ€ First off, it should have a versatile site search function. For example, if you are new in a place and you want to find out where the nearest gym is, then you would consult a web-based Fitness Directory. Now when you are already on the directory site, you have to be able to navigate easily and get results on any item you search for. The results have to be closely linked to your search string. One more thing, the directory needs to be updated constantly so as to provide up-to-date information.

Lastly, it has to be well categorized. So if you are consulting a Health and Wellness Directory, the information under each category must relate to the exact category. If all of these can be found in an online directory, then you can be sure that it has been meticulously prepared.

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  1. That might help for some people especially when someone doesn’t know the keyword to find in a directory. Too many directories.

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