What to Do with Old School Works

I’m trying to sort out the things we have collected during our entire stay here at Bacolod because I want to find out which stuff to take with us on our move back to CDO, which ones to give away and which ones to dispose of.

Some of the things we have accumulated over the years are my children’s school works – test papers, drawings, projects, school papers – and to tell you honestly, I don’t seem to have the heart to dispose of them. Maybe I’m just being sentimental. At any rate, I have resolved that I am not going to throw away these old school works. Instead, I’ll look for someone who does Velo binding and I’ll have these old papers bound together so I’ll have something to show my kids when they’re all grown up.

If you have kids who go to school and like me you too have accumulated lots of school works over the years, you might want to try book binding too. Anyway, from what I know, it doesn’t cost much.

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