When Encountering Septic Spills and Other Problems

There are few things in life worse than coming home from a long day of work only to discover a septic backup in your home. The smell, the mess, and the headache that comes with trying to clean sewage out of your carpets isn’t something anyone wants to handle—nor should they. Septic spills are biohazards that should only be cleaned by properly trained professionals.

But in this situation, isn’t the best approach simply to prevent the backup from happening in the first place? You need regular and routine drain line inspections to prevent a clog from forming and causing a backup. Orlando septic services can help by providing you with a trained technician that knows how to handle all of the problems that may arise with a septic system.

If you aren’t sure whether you need a septic technician or not, keep an eye out for the signs. If you see septic fluid bubbling out of the ground, your tank may have burst or overflowed. If the toilets in your home back up or do not flush properly, there is an overflow at the washing machine hookup, or you hear gurgling in the drains, it can all be a sign of septic backup.

The biggest risk comes from within your own home. Flushing too much toilet paper or flushing items not designed to dissolve in the septic system can lead to clogs and backups, but these problems can also happen naturally over time as hard water and mineral build up.

Your septic tanks and drain lines should be inspected once a year. It may also require draining after this time. If not drained on a proper schedule, back ups are far more likely to happen—but regular inspections will help you identify these problems before they happen.

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