Where to See the Best Landscapes in Canada

My mom’s initial dream was for us to migrate to Canada when we were little. I heard her kept saying about that and then one day she stopped. She had made several decisions that stopped her from pursuing her dream. It was hard for her because she wanted to go to Canada, but she had to make big decisions for our family.

Lately, after so many years, I hear her talk about it again. Just when I thought she had already given up, she was still up for it but in a very different way. She still wants to visit Canada either as a migrant or a tourist. So, I asked her why. Then she answered that Canada is really beautiful and she gave me the Top 5 Best Landscapes in Canada where she wants to visit.

Cathedral Grove in British Columbia

One time my mom mentioned Vancouver homes for sale in a discussion. She said Vancouver would one of the best places to live if given a chance because of Cathedral Grove in British Columbia. The towering and very ancient trees in MacMillan Provincial Park’s Cathedral Grove are near there. She said she would want to walk on those painting-perfect landscapes of trees every weekend to de-stress herself.

Niagara Falls in Ontario

If this was my list, I would put Niagra Falls first. Who would not want to see the beautiful falls that even spread beyond the American territories? Seeing those powerful waterfalls will surely attract anyone. Seeing that kind of landscape will definitely make the experience memorable. By the way, did you know that the Horsehoe Falls, part of the Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, is the largest of them all and considered the most powerful waterful in North America? Yes, it is about 57 meters tall!

Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia

The lighthouse with a sea of clouds as a background is definitely a scene-stealer if you decide to make a movie there. The lighthouse goes well together with its surroundings that it became the province’s most photographed lighthouse. It has also become the most famous one of them all.

Red Sands in Prince Edward Island

The most intriguing part of this place is the island’s red shade. The soil has a high iron-oxide content which’s why it gives off a red color. This, on the other hand, makes the place so famous. It is a major contrast to sandstone cliffs and jagged dunes – a beautiful and picturesque scene.

There are more beautiful places in Canada that have beautiful landscapes, but this is just the list I got from my mom. Actually, she has more, but I am leaving you with this first. I haven’t been to Canada, so consider this as my bucket list when I go there in the future!

If you are a Canadian, and if I were to ask you your top 5, would my mom’s list get into it, too? If not, which do you think will make the list? Please do share with us!

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