Which Would You Choose – Authentic or Fake?

Do you remember that time when some toys made in a certain country were detected to have very high lead content? These toys were pulled out from stores because high content of lead can be harmful to kids. About a year after that, the melamine milk scare rocked the whole world and guess where it started? You’re guess is right.

This country is known for not letting themselves fall behind other countries when it comes to new products and inventions. However, most often than not, quality is sacrificed for quantity. That’s because they like mass producing. Even the cell phones and other cell phone accessories like batteries that come from them are often considered substandard.

So if you were made to choose, would you choose something that’s cheaper yet functions poorly or would you rather choose an expensive item that passed quality control? That’s what I asked a friend when she was considering buying a generic cell phone battery because she said authentic Samsung phone batteries were a bit expensive. When she realized the point I was trying to raise, she went ahead and bought the original.

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