Winners of the Pink Fabulous Giveaways!!

Finally, the things that all of us have been waiting for – the announcement of my Pink Fabulous Giveaways winners!! As you can see guys, I have been very busy lately and we are about embark the biggest move of our life (again) this Friday. My family, my pets and I will be moving to Cagayan de Oro City for good. Sorry for the lateness!

Anyway, to cut of the chase, here are the winners…. check out the video below!!

Will post the winners in print after a few days. I want you to watch the video. By the way, please don’t mind my voice. LOL!!!

By the way, WINNERS, please use my CONTACT page to send me your complete name and address. Thanks!

35 thoughts on “Winners of the Pink Fabulous Giveaways!!

  1. aw congrats to all the winners!!! LAPTOP b ung first prize? NWeis suerte mommy chris 2 beses nabunot name nya hehehe ;D nweis sakto naman ke BAMBS ang knyang napanalunan :))

  2. mommy thank you! hehheehehe naa na jud ko pink bag.

    anyways, congrats to all winners!

    until the next pink contest Mommy Rubs!

  3. I had fun watching the video though I wasn’t able to join the contest. Count me IN next time. Happy Friday! 😉

  4. hehehe love ko si Micah, nabunot nya si shahz musing. congrats sa mga winners, tua na raba na sa Manila ky mu larga sa kuwiat. Thanks marz, will email you their address.

    Love your nail polish marz, and your voice. thanks again mwah

  5. congrats pala sa nanalo…better luck next time sa ating hindi nagwagi..hehehe..

    mommy rubz voice pang DJ ah.. 😛

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