Making Memories with Friends and Family Through Games

After two long years of staying home during the pandemic, things are slowly returning to normal. Face-to-face classes are becoming the new normal once again. But with that, it just means that everyone is busy going to their respective places like school or workplace. It means little time to meet up and hang out with everybody with different schedules.

This is why games are a big part of our friendship; the little time we have left is spent discovering and playing different games that catch our interest together. In our group, we love card or board games like Uno with friends and other classic games like tic-tac-toe, reversi, etc. Since we don’t have much time to meet anymore, I am glad I found an online alternative for these games. We played many different games and even math games, especially what I mentioned beforehand and time passed by a lot faster than I expected with us having too much fun together. The jokes, banter, laughter, and memories we made while we were in a group call playing games make it seem like they are just right there with us in person.


It’s nice to relieve and look back at old memories when I was younger playing chutes and ladders with my siblings as well. The fact that we could still play this and other nostalgic games in person and online makes it special. If you would like to return to play games again from your childhood, there are many selections to choose from and new ones if you prefer.


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