Pink Pearl Jewelry

Pink is easily my favorite color and it is only but natural that I aspire to have different items in this color. I guess it does not help that my youngest seem to have approved and joined me in this quest! I have a number of stuff in pink, like shirts, pouches, stuffed animals and accessories. I also have a bevy of other items in pink. But I do not have any jewelry in this color yet.

I seldom buy jewelry as I thought they were merely a whim and not really something that I need, but if given the chance I would really love to get one of those pinkĀ mikimoto jewelry from Pearls are simply beautiful and can add glamour and style to anyone who wears it. It also goes well with just about anything, little black dress, skirts or jeans. I am sure I can mix and match it with the rest of my jewelry to create a fashionable style. I am sure my baby will also find a way to use these pink pearls on her own!

Personalized Stationery

Personalized stationery is simply love, won’t you agree? I wouldn’t mind receiving those as presents whenever I celebrate a special occasion and filling my small makeshift office at home with paper and other supplies that bear my name or my little company’s insignia. I am sure I will be such a happy camper to see stacks upon stacks of stationery in my favorite color, too!

Apart from being the most useful, as I can use them for both for my personal letters and for business related correspondence, stationery sets also make for perfect decor at home and can easily add spice to any dull space, one just need to be creative in thinking of a number of ways to display them in any chosen spot. That said, I also simply adore those charming and elegant letterhead printsĀ and how they can easily make any written letter a standout. Now, I cannot wait to have stationery printed for my new business venture!

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