All Excessive Intake is Not Good for the Health

Have you ever encountered the story of Jessica? She was the world’s fattest child at the age of 7 years old. She weighted around 400lbs. The doctors have ruled out that she was indeed addicted to food just like other people who are hooked into drugs.

Just what I have read at the University of Florida’s Health Science Center News, scientist have studied teenagers who underwent long term drug rehab. They found out that these teenagers, after two months of having a drug-free brain have gained an average of 11 pounds because food has a similar stimulating effect as drugs do.

By the way, Jessica went on a strict diet program just like other people who were hooked into drugs underwent drug rehabilitation. Now, she has lost a massive amount of weight without surgery only thru dieting.

In conclusion, either food or drugs, anything more than the natural is excessively dangerous to everyone’s health. Everything must be taken into moderation and with doctor’s advice if drugs are concerned. If you get hooked, then you need to be rehabilitated!

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