Pork Menudo

Yesterday, my husband and I invited our church pastor and his wife to dinner. There was no occasion but we only wanted to have our pastor pray for us in our new home. Aside from that, I wanted to cook something new for a change. So, for the very first time, I have cooked pork […]

Spagetti Yum!

This is my seveth entry to Yummy Sunday. I have missed several Sundays already and now, I don't want to miss the chance to post something delicious. Anyway, this one is the spagetti my father cooked for me during my 29th Birthday last year. I missed eating his cooking. 😥

Wanna Eat Cake

I missed a lot of Yummy Sundays. 🙁 Anyway, I hope I can post as often as I can this year despite of my busyness. Just like I have been missing Yummy Sundays, I also missed eating cake. This is my son's cake. We ate at Red Ribbon just to buy him one.

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