Frustrating Connection

I am really disappointed with my internet connection. It’s very slow and it’s making me miss a lot of opportunities to be grabbed!

When I was in Bacolod before, I can easily grab with my PLDT myDSL account but here in Cagayan with my SmartBro connection, I have to wait few minutes before the page refreshes!! It’s really irritating and it’s making me feel frustrated. And to be honest, who wouldn’t be? I am not accessing the internet for fun and games but of income! Money to put food in the table! Please bear with my rants! It’s not only me having problems with them. I have met several bloggers with the same frustration and disappointment. I can feel their bitterness right now. And the sad fact is, you have to wait countless hours just to contact their Customer Support. Isn’t that so frustrating? Grrr…

Anyway, I have no choice but to accept the fact that my provider is so SLOW. I can’t wait to go back to Bacolod and assume my DSL connection.

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