Funds Running Low

Last May 2009, my husband filed for a cash advance loan at their company. He has decided to avail for one because we badly needed money for the children’s enrollment and also their school needs. Aside from that, we need to have available cash ready because I will be giving birth on September. That means we also need money for the hospital expenses and the baby’s clothes and accessories.

Unfortunately, we have used up some of the reserve amount just to buy a small refrigerator because we needed one so that we can budget our food expenses. And aside from that, we have already borrowed twice for our grocery needs and once for settling a credit card bill. Now, we only have around 8,000 pesos left for the baby which is actually not enough but still we have many outstanding payables.

With all these pressing needs, I can’t help myself but feel so stressed with our financial problem. I wish I could just sleep it all away but I couldn’t.

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