Having a Laser Printer

A colored laser printer is very advantageous. It turns out prints very fast and the colors are very vivid, thanks to the ink toner being used, as opposed to the liquid ink used in inkjet printers. However, colored laser printers can be very expensive. Additionally, the toners are also cost a lot of money. The parts are also very expensive. When the drum of the printer fails, the replacement costs almost half of the cost of the printer.

Laser printers are a lot to maintain for home use only. But if you offer printing services, then this could be good for you. Nowadays, there are already many 3-in-1 models available where you get a scanner, printer, and fax machine in one. At least you get three purposes in 1 machine. This is good for those with desktop publishing businesses, as they can also offer scanning and fax services to their clients. That is additional income and the cost of the machine can easily be redeemed in profit.

5 thoughts on “Having a Laser Printer

  1. Medto pricey lang the colored laser printer, 5-in-1 models are okey for small-type business or home-based biz. As of now, I do sub-cons and print it to a establishment in Q.C.

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