How Did They Achieve Washboard Abs?

I have often wondered how those hunks who parade onscreen half naked and bearing their washboard abs in all its glory are able to achieve such. I used to think they lived and breathed in the gym. I mean who would think otherwise, right? They don’t have six-packs. They have more than that! Which lead me to wonder, “Can mortal men have such abs?”

Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating or something. Or maybe I think this way and sound like a skeptic because my husband doesn’t have washboard abs. However, I recently came across a review for abdominal cuts and the name says it all. It’s a supplement that concentrates on working on the abs of people who take it.

So maybe these hunks who have abs to die for take this supplement to help in their workout regimen. Nothing can be achieved in one go, right? I’m thinking this supplement melts the fats in their abs and the workout they do helps in toning the muscles in their abs. What do you think?

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