L’Agence, Paige, Zoe Karssen

Whether you are dressing for a casual business meeting, a simple meal out with friends or family or perhaps if you are in need of a new style, combining smart and casual is sure to be a suitable trend with a long life. Likewise, it does not matter what the weather is like, skinny jeans continue to be worn by celebrities and even fashion designers themselves.

The Paige Verdugo range is vast with other options including Leopard, Royal Turquoise, Pixie (similar to a salmon pink) and over ten more. It is a classic mid-rise jean, in a slim-fitting style which still allows you to breathe a little, whilst still celebrating the shape of your legs. In Tumble, they are fun and flirty yet modest in the colour choice. It would be a mistake not to have at least one pair of these jeans in your wardrobe as they are so manoeuvrable and easily combined with various other items of clothing. Depending on which colour you own, you could use the skinny jean as a base for working on an outfit or the main attraction, the other items of clothing taking a step back to allow the Verdugo to take centre stage.

To continue along the casual route, Zoe Karssen has excelled herself this season with her collection of long and short sleeved t-shirts. The Paris Can Wait T-Shirt in Phantom is a particular favourite, with a bat emblem almost disguising the word ‘Paris’ and the letter ‘T’ at the end of the word ‘Wait’ reminding us creepily of a crucifix. With these hints, you are immediately led to the idea of vampires which has been a popular trend for at least five years that is unlikely to go anywhere in a hurry.

To add a little bit of class to the outfit forming, a blazer could be just the thing. Of course, blazers can be combined with a blouse and shift skirt, but it is more fun to see them in a casual sense. The L’Agence Blazer Leather in Black/White has a subtle tweed effect and two leather-lined front pockets. It is simple, yet chic and would complement the smart-casual look immensely well.

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