The Effects of Addiction

Sometimes, I often wonder why people get addicted to illegal substances. I really don’t know what does one feel when they get into it because I have never tried but I see a lot of people struggling to stop once they are already hooked even famous celebrities and known people. You can see a surprising number of drug rehab centers sprouting almost everywhere in the world just to help these people stop their addiction or struggles with it.

As for me, I have one problem in the house. It is not addiction to illegal substances but to alcohol. My husband is really into it that sometimes he doesn’t think rationally. And because of alcohol, he even forgets he has a family to attend to.

In the US, there are many help groups that helps people stop and recuperate from alcoholism but in other countries like where I am right now doesn’t have such groups. We only have those that help drug addicts but not with alcoholism.

Anyway, I think alcoholism and illegal substances has the same effect on people. Once you are addicted to it, a person will be having problems not only with themselves but also with their relationships with their family and friends. A surefire way of ruining your lives but still many people are doing it…why?

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