Those Who Do Online Shopping, And Those Who Do Not

I believe that there are a number of different shopping behaviours and diverse approaches to buying clothes. While there are women who love to visit elegant boutiques all over the world, other women rather stay at home as they do their shopping over the internet. It is these woman who buy their clothes in a fast and relaxing way. They don’t like to queue in front of the changing rooms and do not tolerate the partly bad-tempered sales people.

However, it isn’t just about avoiding the annoyances of a crowdy Oxford Street in the weekends, but what really keeps these women returning to the web is their ultimate shopping kick of receiving parcels at home full of beautiful gifts – it feels like it’s your birthday!

Good webpages these days are excellent at describing their items and so the risk of buying something unsuitable or with imperfect fitting is low. You can find anything online, from work wear for women to vintage dresses, to this season’s maxi dresses.

Online shoppers check each and every item very carefully and will not forget to compare prices and offers. Moreover, they will take into account delivery and return costs, just in case one of the dozens of dresses is not quite like they imagined.

Now, going back to the boutique shopper, she chooses clothing using three of her senses; she views the items, touches the fabrics, and is aware of the smell. They often enjoy the memory of where in the world a specific piece of clothing was bought. They find the online shopping world cold and impersonal, and see shopping as a social occasion.

Funny thing is, I am not so sure what kind of woman I am. Are you?

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