Time to Take Care of My Skin

I slept in for most of the morning and when I finally woke up, I had one thought in my mind. That was to start taking care of my skin. I realized that I’ve been too busy with my careers – that of being a full-time mother and a working mother – to actually devote some time to taking care of my skin.

Of course I do have a beauty regimen. I regularly wash and cleanse my face. But I’m beginning to see things which shouldn’t be on my face. Well, at least not yet. I’m not even halfway through 30 so I wasn’t expecting to see those lines yet. But they are there, albeit subtly. So I have made a vow to start looking for a wrinkle cream that I can use to prevent those lines from spreading.

I’m not vain and I don’t want to be vain. I just want to take care of my skin and as much as possible, slow down the aging process. I don’t want to look older than my age. It looks like an insurmountable but with faith I know I can do it.

2 thoughts on “Time to Take Care of My Skin

  1. yeah sometimes we get too busy until we see that we have some fine lines, some comedones and warts. then we realize that we have to take care of our skin, too 😀

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