Let's Play Pink Fridays!!

I really love memes and it’s one of my fascinations. So, I have been thinking, why not start a meme here at Pink Thoughts? And since my thoughts are of pink, why not start a meme related to “pink”? Wouldn’t that be lovely? I think it’s awesome!!So, I decided to launch a new meme called “Pink Fridays.” And since you are here, why don’t you join me this coming Friday for the first entry?!! All you need to do is post a picture of anything “pink”! Whether it’s your own or other people’s work (please mention photo credits if it doesn’t belong to you), as long as its pink. It can be a pink gadget, a pink dress, your pink lips, a pink image you love, as long as “pink” is the dominant color of your entry.

Join Pink Fridays
How to play Pink Fridays?

1. Post your pink photo entry with a Pink Fridays badge/banner on top of it. You can spice your post a little by posting a description of your photo. Make sure it's linked to Pink Thoughts. Use badges HERE.
2. Submit your pink post to the latest “Pink Fridays” post here using Mr. Linky and leave a comment.
3. Visit other entries and leave a comment inviting them to your entry too.
4. Place a “Pink Fridays” badge/banner/chicklet at your sidebar or post entry.
5. Play at least twice a month to be included at the “Pink Fridays” Blogroll.

This is a very easy meme and most of all, helpful to all blogger participants. 😉


  1. Dhadha

    thanks for the invite! im letting my 2 blogs ( and join in this cool meme.. happy weekends! ^^

  2. mommy elvz

    Hello mommy! Count me in 🙂

  3. People with Cameras

    Looks like fun. Hmm…I'll have to try and find something for next week.

  4. elai

    i love to try..

  5. yen

    i would love to try. is this still on?

  6. abie

    Hello! Good day! I want to join this friday meme.This is great and I love pink.I'm joining..Thanks..

  7. Flo

    Ooooh, nice meme! Will be joining this on my photoblog. 🙂

  8. yen

    happy pink fridays! mine is up, visit me and comment me :)

  9. peachkins

    I love pink too and I'm thinking of joining…weee

  10. Bambie

    can i also join? i just found this out today…

  11. Think Pink

    I could join, but the problem is that everyday is pink for me;)

  12. SaraKatt skriver/Sara Cat writes

    Here's my mom in my pink bed!
    Sara Cat

  13. vivapinay

    would love to join this photo meme.. 🙂

  14. air

    I want to join too,

  15. genny

    interesting,i will surely try this meme one day. cheers!

  16. dorry lyn

    creating my 1st entry now.. excited 😀

  17. tejan

    wow ka nice diri sissy.. fink keyu! av chores wanna join this thanks and see you tomorrow..heheh!

  18. Sublime Wanderer

    good day. this is my first time to join pink fridays. pls visit my link. thank you. =)

  19. mama

    it's pretty easy i wonder why i haven't noticed this before? hahaha joining now mommy 😀

  20. joyfulmom

    Mommy Rubz, I really like to join meme for a long time now specially this one because I LOVE PINK!!!…but I'm still having a hard time with the instructions.. I'm technically-moron! Help please…

  21. JaneDee

    Hello there. I love pink and I just started posted pink stuffs. Hope I can join Pink Fridays coz I find it very interesting. =)

  22. Anygen

    will join here mommy rubz next friday, ngita sa ko ug fink stuff… tnx..

  23. gagay

    join ko mommy rubz! yeheeeey!

  24. jenny

    I love pink and this might be my very first meme.. to join..
    thanks to shengkay who explain what does meme really stand for and what for.. hehe

  25. jenny

    finally I'm done
    check it out hehe..

    so excited cause this is my first…

  26. giay

    I wanna join! I am not much of pink person but pink is a girly thing, so I think I have stuff with this color. Nice! nice!

  27. yuuki

    pa join din…dami ko pink entries…

  28. Michelle

    newbie here! anyone knows how to put the badge at the end of my post!
    just posted pink friday but dont have a badge yet!
    visit me guys.

  29. Ruby

    finally read ur meme rule…will be backed for my entry…thanks much!

  30. Rebel, Sweetheart

    Can't wait for Friday so I can finally share my first pink post! 🙂 – Czjai

  31. Esther Joy

    count me in please! 🙂

  32. JenJacqs

    This will be my first time to share my Pink Fridays! 🙂

  33. jesie

    I will love to join this meme. maybe this week!

  34. Rockbleeder

    First-timer here!! 🙂

  35. gaylee

    hello there! 🙂 i just made a new blog on blogger, SO SWEET SUZETTE. I will be joining this Pink Fridays meme. My posts for this meme can be read on the said blog. Will start posting this Friday, September 21. please do visit my blog. thanks!

    p.s. visit my other blog too,

  36. Mommy Mecheel

    At last! I made it to Pink Fridays this time. And looky!!!! Here's my little lady wearing her Outfit of the Day and of course in PINK!!!!…Please do heck it out and see how this 4 year old grab those outfit in style…

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