Aiming For Healthy Drink

People who are used to eating in fastfoods are the same people who are getting sick. They may not feel sick but little by little, every time they eat in such eateries, more harmful and combined ingredients add to the demise of the immune system. If you have not watched the documentary, “Super Size Me,” it is very much recommended. In a nutshell, the healthy subject aimed to eat at McDonald’s for 30 days and nothing else will be eaten from breakfast to dinner. Everything is monitored healthwise. He was trying to prove the ill effects of fastfood eating. The conclusion, he discovered, that you can kill your liver even with food.

Fruit shakes and all other ice-cold drinks that are sold in the market is also no good especially if habitually drank. Once in a while will be okay but that would be once in a month. The shorter the time span between drinks and the more you take in will affect the overall result. Fruit shakes are really great, that is if you drink them without the added sugar. As if you are merely blending the fruit into drinkable form with crushed ice. It is as good as eating the fruit as is and drinking ice water, only better. If you do not have a blender yet, it is one thing that should be in your kitchen. Check the Blenders from Hamilton Beach to get an idea what you would really want to have. Another set of interesting variations are the hand blenders at which you can actually use in glasses, bowls and pans. If you want to make your drink healthier and more interesting, add some hot chili. If you are not used to eating hot chili foods, it is great to start with blended ice cold fruit shake.

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