Bone Care

Bones are what make us stand up erect. They comprise our whole body. As an infant there are 350 bones which some of them fuse together as they grow resulting to 206. More than half of those are found in the hands and feet. Each bone has a purpose. Although one can do without, say, the extremities, like arms and legs, life is surely easier with them, without anything wrong. An accident like a fall from a tree or being hit by a vehicle or being thrown off a motorcycle can cause bone injuries. A hit on the head is very dangerous as it can cause internal bleeding when the skull cracks. When such happens to you, you need to immediately go to those who are the experts like the people at Not only do they have decades of experience in their hands, they also have every bone specialization covered.

One of the most common pain that people suffer growing into senior years is that of the joints. Knees, knuckles, back, neck, hips and shoulders. Going up ladders make it difficult on the knees. Bending and jumping and reaching for the back are problems of getting old. How come other old people do not have that difficulty? It seems that the main problem is the lack of exercise. As the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you may lose it. With today’s sedentary lifestyle, more people are suffering from joint pains than ever. The couch potato has been the thing of the past. Not many do watch tv these days but more have been stuck to their computer even at an early age as young as the child can hold a mouse and understand where the arrow keys are in a keyboard. Know more about arthroscopy. CLICK HERE.

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