Online Experiences

Being online all the time really makes me dream a lot. Every time I surf, I always see good places and good things and most especially new learnings. It drives me to search more and learn more about it. Sometimes, I am led to websites that are extremely one of a kind when it comes […]

Unwind Updates!

My kids and I went out yesterday afternoon. We went to the mall. And guess what?! We did buy another set of toys. Well, I felt attracted to the toys too! They were the toys that I never had when I was little, so I opted to give in to my children’s desires. ^_^ Here […]

I Want to Unwind

My daughter and I went to church today. Finally, after few Sundays have passed, we have visited the church again. Though it was quite incomplete, my baby boy was not able to come because he wouldn’t wake up. He slept around 12:00mn after waking up around 9:00pm because he felt tired earlier and slept. Anyway, […]