Endangered Career

My other blog was accepted in another get paid to blog company. Though I am happy that it happened, I am still kinda sad. It was accepted but unfortunately it didn’t have any assignments or posts to take. Well, it’s still early to tell since it was approved for about 48 hours only but I […]

Shopping Day!!

We did some shopping yesterday. I bought some clothes and books for the children. It’s been 3 months since I bought those brand new clothes, all we had was ukay-ukay (used clothes). So when I bought my kiddos new clothes and so as my niece, they were so happy. It’s only once in a blue […]

Regrets and Hopes

IMAGE COURTESY OF www.sabrihakim.com It’s already been seven months since I have resigned from my job as a branch manager to one of the leading direct selling company here in our country. So far, though there are financial struggles, I have not regretted resigning from my work. I have enjoyed my life as a stay-at-home […]