For Better or Worse?

During tough times like these, I would remember our wedding day—how we vowed to be together for better or for worse. Then I would remember that my husband gave me arrhae, although not real gold coins, but it is very meaningful to me. The coins that my husband gave symbolize God’s provision as well as how my husband would provide for me as his wife and eventually our family. As head of the household, it is his primary responsibility, aside from of course being the spiritual pillar of the family.

But now, I wonder, what happened to the vows that we have given to each other many years back? We have exchanged them but it seems I am the only one fulfilling my end of the bargain. Marriage is a union right? When two people get married, they become “one flesh” and everything that we have is now conjugal property.

It is really getting hard to remain married these days with all the temptations around. And my husband is not making things easy for me to hold on to our marriage.

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