Gold Vision

I saw a guy holding a gold bullion bar in a Google image. Now I am dreaming, when can I possibly hold one in reality? Wow, that would be a dream come true. I like gold per se, like in jewelry. But gold bullion is different. It is pure gold, not the 14 carat or 18 carat jewelry pieces that I see in jewelry shops. And here in the Philippines, we have the Philippine gold, which is actually 10 carat gold pieces that could not be pawned at the pawnshop because its very low value.

Gold bullion is pure and expensive of this kind of metal, and I would like to invest in gold bullion bars if given the chance. I think more than currency, gold bullion will protect me more in terms of inflation. The value of gold just keeps rising despite the currency rates so it would be good for me and the future of my family to invest in gold bullion. Wow, could I afford one? Let us wait and see. For now, I cannot but I believe that if I allocate a certain amount of my weekly salary for it, I can buy one in no time. Why don’t I target 6 months huh? Let’s see how much I have saved up in 6 months and then I will proceed from there.

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