Undying Cravings

What I don’t understand is my cravings. People say that dieting just takes discipline but what about cravings? These are my cravings for food that make me crazy if I don’t get to eat them. My greatest craving is sweets–any sweet stuff. I would really need appetite suppressants that work that work because sweets are really calorific and hence add up to my stored fat and weight gain.

But I am kinda afraid of appetite suppressants. I heard somewhere that they have adverse effects, although I am not sure what and how. If only I have the discipline and capacity to continue with my weight loss regimen. But what do I do with my cravings except take appetite suppressing pills? Any ideas anyone? And well, taking these pills would not only affect my health but they would also make a dent to my budget. So if there are other suggestions, I am open to them.

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