I Can be a Good Trainer of Customer Service Representatives

If I would be given a chance to become a part of the corporate world again, I would probably want to be a trainer in a call center or at a company servicing clients internationally. Why? I just think that with my experience in sales I can teach people how to be more personable and also how to make a sales pitch.

I understand that most customer service jobs nowadays require agents to not only assist customers or clients with their needs but they are also required to sell their products or services and I happen to be good at sales. I don’t think I would have worked as a sales manager if I didn’t know a thing about it.

I think it’s very important for those who desire to be good customer service representatives to present themselves in a positive light because as it is, a lot of people are generalizing their annoyance with incompetent agents. If I were to train these agents, I would start by teaching them how to be proactive while at the same time attuned to the needs of their clients.

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