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Guest post by Jade of Health and Beauty Diva. She is a health buff wannabe and a blog addict. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching cooking shows and playing with her baby.

Let me ask my fellow women, “Are you happy with your breasts’ size?”

I may not have a sexy and bigger breast like Kim Kardashian but I’m happy with what I got. Believe it or not, I never compare them against some other woman’s breasts I saw in the magazine-those anorectically thin female body with huge ‘boobs’ which the world perceived as “beautiful” or “ideal”. My breasts’ size never become an issue to me but I know some women (especially those in show business) who got smaller breasts let this matter affect their self-esteem enormously and negatively! I can’t just believe that because of it, they feel unhappy and unsatisfied with themselves. That’s why it’s not surprising to see these women going under the knife and risking their lives just to make their breasts bigger and suppler. They consider breast augmentation procedure as the solution to getting back their self-confidence. But aren’t there risks on it?

Before you’ll decide for surgical procedure, how about trying the natural or alternative ways to go about it.

1. Buy breast-enhancing formulas that are natural and safe. Increasing your estrogen naturally by using products that contain phytoestrogen can help you without posing any risks. Here are some Bust Enhancers that will make your breasts feel smoother, firmer and bigger, without surgery:

  • The Natural Source Mayaltha Better Breasts Serum
  • Avon Solutions Bust-Sculpt Contouring Cream
  • Swiss Line Cell Shock Cellular Bust Lift
  • Alqvimia Supreme Aromatherapy Spa Treatment Bust Firming Oil

2. Women’s secret silicone bra. It’s the most sought-after bra in town. It provides the additional boost you need for an instant left. It’s fondly known as the Gel Bra and I’m sure this will work wonders for your sex appeal!

3. Botanical Bust Enhancement program. It claimed to be all-natural bust enhancement -no side effect, no injections, no pills and no surgery!

But still, who am I to stop you if you really wanted to undergo breast augmentation? I have to admit that this procedure could help you to be more satisfied with your appearance and femininity. However, before leaping into this BIG decision, it is important that you understand all aspects of the surgery before proceeding, this ensures that you are considering surgery and agreeing to it with full and informed consent. The more you learn about breast augmentation, the better prepared you will be to make these decisions. The more you know, the better your chances are for achieving results you are happy with.

6 thoughts on “Just the Right Size

  1. personally, i would never consider breast augmentation, implants or any other stuff to enhance my breasts. i’m quite content with their size. besides, i need to learn how to be contented with my own skin. 😉

  2. I have no plans of breast augmentation marz, all that salamat doctor stuff hindi yan magkakapera sa akin, kahit walang laman itong utots ko oka na rin orig man

  3. Breast augmentation is not only popular in the US kahit saang lugar in na in na yan., iwan ko lng ano pag masyado siguro knamay ang utots hindi kaya ma smash yung silicone na nilagay. I have a friend na sa sobrang insecurities niya sa ilong niya nag pa nose lift, in fairness gumanda siya na matangos na ilong nya. so im sure sisexy din tayo pag pinalakihan ang utots hehe

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