PF # 200: Running Shoes

Early this year, I have announced to the world through my Facebook Wall that I am going to join a fun run as part of my New Year’s Resolution. Finally this month, I was able to do so. I was able to join the LimKetKai’s Freedom Run last Sunday, June 17, 2012. It was my first time and I ran 5 kilometers! Yay!

But after the run, I felt that I want to make it a regular activity. Not only for fun runs but a regular weekly health activity. So I decided to buy myself a running shoes as an investment. So late this afternoon, I went to the mall and bought the cheapest running shoes I could find. Well, it’s not entirely pink but it is close to what I really want.

So, how about you guys? What pink goodness can you show us this week? Share your PINK goodies to us!!

5 thoughts on “PF # 200: Running Shoes

  1. yay! congrats Tita Ruby for the run 🙂 you did it! We are so proud of you and yes! those sneakers are cute 🙂 Thank you for hosting the Pink Fridays 🙂

  2. CONGRATS mommy rubz, when I was in COllege I did join FUN RUNs because I love too and because we have plus points for a certain subject hhaha.. but I have organized a FUN RUN ( a fund raising activity) here in our town last year. And for our Charter Day this July 1, our tourism has organized a trail run challenge too,would you love to join it? come on, visit my place ehehhe
    Cute Running Shoes.
    by the way, I am joining Pink Fridays but I have problems with mr Linky here:( here is my post anyways:

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