PF # 96: Pink Mommy Blog

Hahaha… Another late Pink Fridays! But still, I am here!! Thank you for all waiting!! I love you all!!!

Anyway, I am featuring a pink mommy blog owned by my dearest kumare Sheila of Mommy Chronicles. I am featuring this because I was the one who created the simple headers she has. Though simple, I am so happy that she liked it very much!

I am not doing this as full-time work but I am already happy lay-outing and editing a few for close friends.

Share your pinkness this week!!

21 thoughts on “PF # 96: Pink Mommy Blog

  1. Better late than nevah, meaning late sd imung customer marz hehehe. ako wala pa but will post soon befpore the 2011 ends hehehe. Thanks for featuring my chronicles hehehe and thanks for beautifying it. laveeet mucho

  2. Waaa i wish kabalo pod ko mubuhat ana…maski header lang unta…ang galing mo momi rubz… nice kaayo… like na ko, as in…

  3. very pretty design Mommy Ruby, loved it too 🙂 It is simple but it is very pretty in pink too. You always have bountiful talents 🙂 Dropping some love for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the favor too.

  4. for someone like me who doesn’t have any idea how to do an artistic header, i would say, you really are a genius Mommy…glad to be joining again. Happy weekend and see you on Tuesday!

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