Prevention is Better Than Cure

I think that the best acne treatment, like any other problem in our body, is prevention rather than cure. I mean, I believe that acne can be prevented with lifestyle changes.

One is the food that we eat. We need to reduce our intake of fatty foods and totally eradicate the consumption of genetically modified foods. We need to eat more fresh foods, especially those with a lot of fiber and liquid.

Additionally, we need to rest. It seems that our present generation of deprived of sleep. We are led to believe that staying up late and doing more with our time is the way to go. It seems that sleeping with enough number of hours per night is not good because we seem to be wasting time on sleep.

But God designed rest and sleep for our own benefit. So if we do not take advantage of that, we are actually destroying our bodies. And I believe that is why we have problems that include even acne.

6 thoughts on “Prevention is Better Than Cure

  1. natawa naman ako kay shy, talagang lamesa na ha, hindi na bangko? lol!
    pero totoo yon. not everybody are blessed with acne-free skin so we are really lucky. o ayan nagbuhat na rin ako.

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