Fascination with Bottles

Don’t you find yourself wondering about an uncanny stuff sometimes? Well, I do. Like for instance yesterday. I was browsing on my computer as usual when I had to go get something from the kitchen. As I was holding the bottle, I got to thinking how it was perfectly filled and sealed.

I don’t know if it’s just me or you have, too, have noticed how some bottles like ketchup, juices, energy drinks and water are filled just perfectly? It must have taken a very good and reliable filling machine to fill them up just right and nicely, no more and no less, and it makes you think they must have been filled manually in order to achieve that.

Then there’s that thing about bottle caps. Isn’t it there are bottle caps that pop when you open them? Hearing the popping sound gives you the assurance that the content of the bottle is clean and has been sealed air tight. A very powerful bottle capper was no less used to accomplish that. I don’t think that’s something that can be done manually because there has to be a certain amount of force applied in order to get the right amount of tightness.

Oh well. Those are some of the things I think about when my hands are idle and my mind is not thinking about work.

4 thoughts on “Fascination with Bottles

  1. korek mommy..ako rin minsan if la ng maisip na iba kong ano ano na lang pumapasok sa isip ko..hehehe..

    Meron ako napanuod before sa rated k..about sardines company pinapakita dun kong pano nila ginagawa at yung packaging nila..galing ng mga machine nila..

  2. What an observant are you! But seriously cheers to your curiosity! Its just so amazing how science made this place a better place to live in, provided with the modern and newest technology around the provides us the wellness, safety and of course security!

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