Only for the Rich

When I first heard the word bullion, it was during the time when the former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos was dethroned, or rather, forcefully removed from his regime as the longest standing dictator of this country. This was related to the Yamashita treasure—some gold bullion inside a golden Buddha that was stashed somewhere. I am not sure what happened to the gold bullion, but all I know is that President Marcos is preserved in a coffin in Ilocos.

Imagine that, if only I own even just one gold bar…I would be able to sell it and have a lot of cash. Or I can sell most of it and leave some for myself so that I can have some jewelry made for me and my family. I really wonder where did the gold bars during the Marcos time go? Who benefited from it? There are many speculations but nobody can really know for sure. I just wish I could own a part of it. Hehe What a tall dream!

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