Affordable Car from the Right Place

As of the moment, COVID-19 seems to show signs of slowing down; slowly, that is, but a slowdown nevertheless. Even then, with monkeypox on the horizon, it seems as if slowdowns caused by pandemics are going to be the norm for quite some time; and it cannot be understated, especially for one such as myself: […]

The Road to Independence

It’s common for people to live with their parents nowadays, with cheapness being one of the main considerations and logistics tying closely into that. But I’m all about that independence factor, you see, and as a result – unlike many others – I want to move out as soon as possible. Because of this innate […]

Destressing this Pandemic

I am a homebody. I always love staying at home, but when the pandemic came and everyone was asked to stay at home, my life changed. Staying at home by choice was easy, but working and even attending school from home is not something I am not fond of. I still need my occasional bonding […]

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