From a Simple Online Diary to a Reliable Side Hustle

When I started blogging, it was like how a weblog should be – an online open (or close) diary to the public. It was more on writing personal stuff – typing every memory that I find enjoyable or disappointing. It was just like its offline counterpart. It was more of a personal hobby. From a […]

All About New Year's Resolutions

Whether you resolve to be more positive in the new year, or you aim to be more productive by finally completing all your unfinished projects, it is good to keep a list of your New Year's Resolution. Whether you aim to be more active or healthier by taking on more physically challenging activities in 2014, […]

Keeping my Kids Safe

Considering that the winter season is officially here in the Philippines and it’s been raining every now and then, I was planning of getting my kids a winter jacket so they don’t get wet when they go to school. Most especially at this time when finances are very tight and I don’t want them to […]

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