PF # 94: Pink Gifts Galore

My eyes are still swelling as of the moment and I am really sorry I am late. Anyway, before I travel to Iligan City to attend the 5th Mindanao Blogging Summit, I am posting our Pink Fridays for this week.

And for this week, I am posting the cute gifts Bella's Godmother, Mommy Sigrid Lo of Lovingly Mama, sent for her birthday. This package arrived last Saturday and Bella was so happy with it. Aside from being happy, she looked cute!! Thanks Marz!!!

So how about you guys, what PINK do you have for us today??

23 thoughts on “PF # 94: Pink Gifts Galore

  1. The hat is so nice di ba? teehee terno sila ni dindin. glad she likes it. btw, kasya lang ang slippers?

  2. Hello my pink entry is up! ^^

    I havent visited back last week but I will do so this week as I have a long holiday. Monday promise! Am still in the summit. ^^

  3. Looks like Bella's enjoying her loot from Mommy Sigrid. Cuteness.

    It's my first time here mommy Rubz! Sa wakas, naka Pink Fridays den!

    Have a great weekend !!!

  4. Sadly, I gave away most of my pinks because I thought of purchasing new ones after the holidays, because my thigh just grew a little more, but i liked that your baby is now growing up and she's a lovely girl too! πŸ™‚

    sana you could come up with blue fridays lol. i love electric blues πŸ™‚

  5. just joined in. i hope im not late! =)
    those stuff are so cute!! i wish i have a baby girl to buy pink stuffs like that. =) wa dyud swerte. lol

  6. super cute kaayo imong bebe..Ngay…visiting here and wish to join this meme soon..will try to browse first my photo albums..thanks daan Mommy Rubz!

  7. awww Bella is a sweet girl and everybody loves her. How could you not? Look at her, she is so adorable πŸ™‚ I am sure Bella is enjoying her birthday gifts. Visiting for PF Mommy Ruby. Thank you again for hosting the Pink Friday despite your eyes being swollen. Take care and please drop me some pink love back πŸ™‚

  8. oh yeah! I've heard about that event! if it wasn't that far away from Davao i could have come πŸ™ anyways. I hope you don't mind me sharing this stuff. I actually saw your blog @ technorati on kawaii category. so here it goes πŸ˜€

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    Have a good day and Happy Blogging

  9. Was it just me or did i just forgot? I thought I commented na here last week, I'm so bad. I'm sorry mommy rubz. Really need to take a break and hop. Disappointed sometimes that my comments get lost in the spam these days. grrr…

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