Pretty In Pink

Well, it’s no secret what my favorite color is! It could be yours too, since you have found your way to my supremely pink website. What does pink mean to you? What does it make you think about? Roses and carnation, blush and berries, love and romance are all things associated with this color. Depending on the shade and saturation, pink can mean calming pastel or freaky fuchsia, merry magenta or bold neon. Each hue inspires different feelings– and each one is beautiful in its own way!

What pink products do you own? Do you wear pink loud and proud each week? It might be your laptop bag or your favorite scarf, your new flip-flops or a rose quartz pendant. You might add a touch of pink to your make up palette or play Aerosmith’s catchy song of the same name to start your day right! Send in your ‘pinkspirations’, your photos and pictures. If you paint or design, please feel free to send in a shot of one of your works!

Whether its the color of the slippers you put on when you’re at home relaxing, reading or playing Cheekybingo or the color of the ribbon you put in your hair, write in to share why you choose pink! Promote your favorite cafés, shops, bookstores and restaurants that have opted for a perfectly pink color scheme. They know what we like! Thank you so much for visiting the website, and please feel free to share your pink musings whenever you feel like.

This is a color you just can’t get bored of! Slap pink frosting on your cupcakes or rosy wallpaper up in your home. It is said to have soothing and calming effects, so try surrounding yourself with it when you’re feeling a little stressed or grouchy! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any lovelier…

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