Yoga Pants for Running Errands

I don’t engage myself in much exercise for the reason that I don’t have time for it. Sounds like a petty excuse doesn’t it? But I think if you were in my shoes you would understand why I can’t fit it in my very, very tight schedule anymore. But seeing those very chic pink yoga pants which can be worn not only for yoga practice but for other forms of exercise is making me think twice.

Sounds like another petty excuse, huh? Well, I saw the pants online and I just realized that compared to other more traditional exercise clothing, these ones are more stylish and can in fact be enhanced with embroidery and has flattering cuts so that they can also be worn even if I’m not in the yoga or exercise studios. They are also available in different lengths.

The thing about yoga pants is that they are made of lightweight and really stretchy fabric so they’re very comfortable to wear. Maybe I would get a pair even if I don’t do yoga anyway. I can wear them when I run errands, right?

8 thoughts on “Yoga Pants for Running Errands

  1. That’s really cute! Yoga pants are nice for everything. I want one kaso ang haba naman sa akin. I have short legs kasi hehehe.

  2. go mommy! hehehe..ako din ata..gain and gain weight na lang ng loss loss..

    grrrr…siguro lets think pink na ng think weight loss..

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