PF #69: Pink Bathroom

Finally! Yup, after dreaming what my bathroom would look like, I finally met "her" last April 30, 2011 when my family and I arrived at our little home here in Cagayan de Oro City!! πŸ˜€

As you can see, I have pink tiles and pink flowers on my toilet bowl and sink. Hehehe… Β It is not yet finished but hopefully in the next few months, we will have enough money to continue this. πŸ˜‰


  1. Dhadha

    Wow! Ang sosyal2x ng bathroom! I love it! πŸ™‚

    Happy PINK Fridays! πŸ™‚

  2. May

    I super love the bathroom! Very girly. Hubby has no qualms using your bathroom? LoL! LOVE IT.

    My PF is up. It's a giveaway. You might know someone you want to gift it to. πŸ™‚

    Mwah, marz!

  3. bambie

    lovely design! girl na girl! πŸ˜€ will post my entry in a bit…ang layo ng cell phone ko sa akin, andun yun picture.

  4. mommy jes

    waaaaaaaaaaah PINK tlga!!! adek!!!!!!!!! ahahha cuteness!! saya nyan! enganyo k lagi magpunta ng bathroom :))

  5. nuts

    weeee! so pretty, sarap tumambay at mag emote. i'm just excited to see your pink bathroom when i see you posted in your FB! will post mine later..

  6. bambie

    my entry's up! πŸ™‚ long time, long time!

  7. Cecile

    wow, that is one pretty sink and toilet bowl…love it!

  8. Dhemz

    wow! ka sosy man kau sa lavatory woi….pang richy rich kau…I like it…:) thanks tuod sa postcard mamiRubz! I got it today.

  9. EJsmom

    with that bathroom I would want to poop and brush my teeth all day long! ;-D

    my very 1st time to join PINK FRIDAY mommy rubs! ;-D hihi

  10. Mona

    Cute, my flower design pa .. thanks for hosting this meme.

  11. Yannie

    Nice bathroom. I super heart the intricate design of the toilet bowl and the sink…

    It's my first time to join the Pink Fridays.

    care to visit my first entry?

  12. tejan

    wow..grabe, as in di maapsan ang ka pink lover nimo sissy..nice jud sya.. murag di man sad ta ka….ng, dha sa ka!

    mine is up:)congrats diay ana.)

  13. Jenny

    so cute…so girl with matching flowers….i like it very much…

    Pero if ako niyan, baka hindi ako maka "poo" or "pee" kasi takot na madumihan ang pink color ko..hehehe

    My PF is up now…ty

  14. Cookie

    Cute and dainty bathroom. Since you're here na in CDO, might one day drop by your place at pwede maki CR? hehehe

  15. mama

    hihihiihi gusto ko rin magpa renovate ng bathroom! πŸ˜€

  16. genny

    di halata na mahilig sa pink. ganda naman girl na girl. looks so sweet tingnan pag pink.:-)

  17. Cherrylej

    wow! my first time here and i think i will enjoy. i'm not a pink lady, but since i now have a daughter which i think should be introduced to pink colors first (really?!), i decided to join in the fun πŸ™‚ thanks for this opportunity to show the pink stuff of my little tot πŸ™‚ btw, i never thought that a pink bathroom would be so darn lovely!

    happy friday!

  18. Jadyn

    that's obviously a WOMAN'S or a GIRL's bathroom.. love it though looks neat.

    Jadyn's entry is up, it's here Where Is My Sunbrerra?

  19. Chie Wilks

    wow, you have a pretty bathroom is chic

  20. Benedique

    so dainty!

  21. Mel Cole

    Wow, mamahalin man ka ug banyo, Mam Rubz!

  22. anne

    Nice pink bathroom. And it looks like it has more space. Congrats to your new bathroom Ruby. Mine is up please check thanks

  23. silvergirl

    wow beautiful..congrats!!

  24. shengkay

    nakikiadik muna sa pagbabasa..
    no entry pa ko..maybe ng anakis ko ang isasali ko..
    sosyal naman ng CR na ito! pink adik!!!!

    happy pinks everyone!

  25. shengkay

    finally link my entry!

    Happy mothers day to all mommies here! mwah!

  26. shengkay

    ayan may randomness join na rin!

    thanks in advance! i know dami ko pang utang na visit dito..mauubos ko din kayo..

  27. mixed catcher

    Grabe oi, gorgeous kaayo ang pink bathroom! Bagay kaayo na sa akong pink rugs! LOL. Lami jud diha itambay mommy kay maka-feel at home and feeling girly kaayo. Ganahan ta magpagwapa diha sa imong bathroom!

    First time diay naku ni join ani! πŸ™‚

  28. jannet

    ang ganda ng pink bathroom mo, girly na girly ! pleasant to the eyes!

    btw, i joined po… it's my first time here..
    please see my Pink entry! thanks!

  29. shydub

    I'm loving your pink bathroom marz, so girl. maayo ky wa ni anagl ang bana hehe, ako bana pana ni angal na ky babae ra daw kaayo hehehehe. but i really love your pink motif bathroom. mura maikog ko ug kalibang ug pangihi ug maka suroy ko sa inyo hehehhe

  30. Shahz

    Hello marz, ako nag submit sa ako sis nga entry ky namalihug, busy ang babae tua sa manila

  31. Chris

    i am sure my daughter will love that bathroom! πŸ˜€

  32. Charlotte's Mom

    nice bathroom, love it!

  33. Hazelicious

    Ang cute naman ng pink bathroom! It's pretty!

  34. Gene

    whew! nakahabol pa ako!

    ang ganda naman ng pink bathroom na yan, parang I want to stay there lagi. hahaha!

  35. Carlota

    wow it is really you mommy Rubz! Love it! Pero ambot sa langaw kung tugutan ko sa akong mag-ama ana na color hahaha.

  36. imriz

    super late entry for my PF:) i just couldn't resist not posting one esp seeing the cutie pink loo:)

  37. Tetcha

    Your pink bathroom is lovely!

  38. cheerful

    that's lovely and very neat…joining late plus my comment was way too late too, sorry! anyway, happy mother's day! *hugs*

  39. Grace

    I so love the theme and design of your toilet and sink. Very feminine and pink! πŸ˜€

  40. Tina

    wow thats a nice bathroom.. πŸ™‚

  41. Clarissa

    gosh,that's my dream bathroom,too!pink na pink!!^_^

  42. Green Dei

    wasn't able to join this pink week, but the bathroom fixture is "sosyalan" =)

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