Pink Tablets

Hello! It’s Friday again. Welcome to our 215th Pink Fridays post!

My aunt from the US arrived yesterday and you know that your allergies are already infamous with the entire clan is when you get antihistamine tablets as “pasalubong.” I really love my pink tablets pasalubong because it’s very practical for me and I appreciate it very much. It saves me from buying expensive antihistamines and it would mean a whole lot of savings! Thank you, Auntie M!

I am excited that we are growing. We are now around 8 to 9 participants per week. Hope we will have more in the future. Don’t forget to invite your other pink lover blogger friends!

4 thoughts on “Pink Tablets

  1. Ever since I was young, I had always been fascinated with Benadryl being so pink!!! hahaha And you have such a big bottle there! Pahingi! Where did you get that? It’s not available where I am.

  2. 600 tablets x 2 bottles, that a lot! big savings indeed, but i guess i can’t intake it sobrang laki ng capsules

  3. I would love to take in those tabs because pink is my fave color! haha! That’s a lot of tablets– good value for your money, indeed. Joining this week again, mommy!

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